Dear ECT and OMT,

I find both of you quite difficult to talk to sometimes. Both of you seem quite attached to your gadget, especially ECT, who seems to love games so much. Whatever the cause, I want you to balance your life with social activity. You live with humans, and we need each other in life. In business, you need them as suppliers, customers, and partners. In a family, you need a husband, and you will have children who are also humans. You need social skills and people skills to live better in this world. I hope, when you read this, you already have those skills. If you’re not, start to learn it now.

There is one rule you must follow to expand the area of your attitude. Respect your elders. OMT, you are 7 years old, and ECT, you are 5 years old now. In every family gathering, I always ask both of you to greet your uncles, aunties, and everyone older than you first before playing with your cousins. However, I only succeeded a few times.

Every morning, I always asked you to say good-bye to your grandparents when you were going to school, but I had never heard you say it. I always remind you every time I take both of you to school. Every time I dropped you both off at school, I always asked both of you to kiss me. Even though both of you did it only once or twice, I always asked and hoped you all understood and made it a habit.

In this diary, I just want to remind you to always respect your elders. Greet them first whenever you meet them. Talk to them politely and with respect. It’s very important to have this attitude to live well around people. Will always lead to something good for you.

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