7 Points – How to Create a Goal

A life without a goal is the same when you are playing soccer without a goal. Imagine you and your team has to face 11 opponents. You are struggling, tackling, passing, and juggling. When you have the ball, what you should do if you don’t see any goal?

It’s the same in life. You are struggling. But where are you taking your life to? Goal setting is the most important thing in life for me, and I want both of you to understand and always set your goal in your life. So your life will be more meaningful.

1. Write It Down

You can write it on a book, computer, or your phone. It is very important because we tend to forget. Write a date each time you write something. So you can keep track and you may have another idea one day you read it.

2. True Desire

A goal has to be something that you truly want. A goal is something in your mind every time. A goal is something you always imagine how happy you are when you have achieve it. If it is not, set a goal that meet these criteria. Think of what you want to achieve in life. Remember that you won’t live forever and time keeps running, no matter you have a goal or not. It is better for you to set the goal yourselves than you are living by luck or worse, moving towards other people’s goals. Try your best so that you are in control of your direction of life.

3. Detail and Specific

Your goal has to be very detail and specific. Let say your goal is having a “Happy Life”. What is happy? How is happy? When do you want to be happy? For clearer understanding, Betty is 25 years old and when she is 50, she wants to live in a 400m2 two-floor house with small garden and a small pond. She has one son and a daughter. A husband with 3 streams of income business. Her health is fine, no medication needed. Continue yourselves on the details.

Get what I mean? Must be as detail and specific as you can think of. It will stimulate your brain and create some destination point in your lifes. At this point, don’t worry about how to get the goal.

4. It’s Okay if the Goal is Unrealistic – For Now

As long as it is your true desire, it’s okay if the goal seems to be unrealistic. Don’t let your realistic brain limit the goal you are setting. Unrealistic is just because no one has ever achieved it. Doesn’t mean it is not achievable. You will find the “How” as you try hard to get it. In the year of 1700, people will laugh at you if you say that man can fly. Now, people will think you are ignorant if you don’t know that man can fly. Step a side the “How” and just set the goal which is your true desire. What people thought to be magic in the old time, becomes science in the modern time. Don’t be afraid of being creative.

5. Deadline

Set the time when you must achieve the goal. It is very important to minimize the risk. Every goal you set will have positive impacts and risks. A deadline can become your alarm to tell that it may not be possible and it may be a good time to reconsider. I say, “It May”.

Most important thing is you have to try the best, do the best, and put your every best effort to reach your goal before the deadline. This deadline also help to push yourselves, exceeding your limit, knowing that time flies and less time left.

6. Create Something Visible

Write or draw on a piece of paper or anything that you can place so that you can see it before you go to sleep and the first thing you see when you wake up. It can be words, sentences, or drawings as long as it can remind you and stimulate your brain towards your goal. Placing on your room door might be a very good idea.

7. Re-evaluate and Modify

Never ever change your goal to something less, but you can change it to something more, before the deadline. When the deadline arrives, evaluate what efforts you have put and how far you have achieved your goal. If you feel that you have put every knowledge, effort, and everything you have but it is still far to achieve the goal because of one or two condition, don’t regret it. Evaluate your effort, condition, and every decision you have made during the period since you started it to the deadline. Create another goal and deadline.
If you feel that you are on track but still need more time to achieve the goal, extend the deadline.

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