Don’t Depend Much on Others or Condition.

One day, one of my cousin stay in our house and during that night, we talked about a lot of things. There is one topic I want to share it with you two. He told me that he wanted to have his own business since he was an employee that time. Big income as a director. He told me that he asked his wife to build a business, but he complaint that for months she didn’t make any important moves. He said that it is the best way to have business by encouraging his wife to build it while he was working as a director to keep the steady income in the family. He planned that once the business that his wife built generates enough income to live, he will leave his job and expand the business.

I knew that his condition was:

  1. He got enough money to build a business.
  2. He has the capacity to build a good business – Self Capacity = Luck + {(Skill + Knowledge + Attitude) * Action}.

So, I told him very politely that in my opinion, he couldn’t blame others or any condition he is facing that he still didn’t have his own business that time. If he really wanted to have his own business, start it since you have all the resources needed – Resources = Money, Time, and Effort. Don’t depend on others or condition to get what you really wanted. In his case, he depended on his wife to build a business that he wanted. Did she has the same dream? We didn’t know. All we knew, he was the one who really wanted to have his own. So, check your resources and if you have it all, start now without depending on others or condition.

A few months later, he told me that he left his job and ran hos own business. He thanked me for having that conversation that night.

Unwilling But The Best.

Another story which may help you easier to figure it out. One of my colleague wanted to have a food business and he told me about that idea. A month later, I asked him how far was the progress, he said that he was not even started anything yet. I asked why and he said that he wanted to build it with his wife and a friend who lives out of town. He waited his friend to come to town to check the location first to decide whether it is suitable for the business. A month later, I asked him again how far was the progress and he still said the same thing that he waited his friend to come to check the location.

Me: “If your friend comes 3 months from now, your business will start after he okay with the location? 3 months from now?”

Friend: “Yes. What can I do. We are in a partnership. Everyone has to agree with everything.”

Me: “If your friend comes 6 months from now, you are going to start the business that time?”

Friend: “Yes. I can’t do much.”

Me: “Do you really want to have your own business?”

Friend: “Of course.”

Me: “Can you do it without your friend? Just you and your wife maybe?”

Friend: “Actually my wife have said the same thing. She said it is better to start on our own, since we can do it ourselves actually.”

Me: “If you and your wife can do it, why are you depending much on your friend who no one knows when he will come to check the location? You are the one who wants to have your own business, but sorry to say that the existence of your business is depending on your friend. Not on you. Why do you let this happen? If you and your wife can do it, and since you are dreaming to have your own business, start now.”

Friend: “I’ll discuss it with my wife.”

The next day we met and have wonderful conversation.

Friend: “I’ve discussed it with my wife and we decided to open it without my friend. You’re right. We won’t depend it on someone else.”

Me: “Are you confident in this business?” – I asked him this question since I felt that he was not sure about the business he was going to run.

Friend: “Actually I’m not too sure about it. I really want to have my own, but I am not sure that this is the one.”

Me: “Is there any other choice than this plan?”

Friend: He thought it for a while and said, “Actually I don’t have any other idea. I am not sure about this plan, but my wife and I really want to have our own business.”

Me: “So, this plan is the best choice right now, since there is no other plan?”

Friend: “Yes.”

Me: “Time flies and will not reverse. Since this is the best choice you have, do it your best. No matter how uncomfortable you are, this is the best choice right now. You should do it the best you can. If it is going well, you will be happy and if it is going bad, I am sure by taking this path of life, you will increase your self capacity since you do it your best. Or maybe, you will get better idea, meet the right people, or get needed experience to unlock a new business later on. Since this plan is the best choice right now, it is better to take it than doing nothing.”

Hope this two story help you two to understand that to get what you want, you shouldn’t depend much on others or condition. Take the best choice towards your goal now, no matter how uncomfortable you are, and do your best. Do your best in any level of your life.

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