Effort vs Result Mindset

I listened to your uncle when he was talking with his friends about one soccer match which made him really disappointed. (He forgot which soccer match he was talking, when I asked him while I am writing this). The main point of the discussion is that soccer team ‘A’ conquer the field 90% of the time, but team ‘B’ scored more and became a champion. Because of this, team ‘B’ is recognized as the champion for that event forever and only a few people knows that team ‘A’ played extremely well on that game and could conquer the field 90% of the time.

From that story, it turns out that no matter how well you do for an event, if you don’t get the goal, you fail. Make sense right? No one can argue that team ‘B’ is the champion for that event. It was stated and written in the history of soccer that team ‘B’ is the champion in that event.

I am someone who believe that effort is more important than a result. As long as you have done the Best, I really mean your Best, I don’t really care what the result is. I will be grateful no matter if I win or lose. No matter if I succeed to get my goal, or I fail. It is the opposite mindset of the soccer story that your uncle talked about, which make me think and write this part.

This is what I have learnt:

Succeed to get your goal – It is beyond your capability.
Succeed to do a set of steps to get your goal – It is within your capability.

For example,

I want to open a new business. Let say a barbershop.

  • My goal: $2,000,- monthly net income.
  • Maximum Timeline: 2 Years.

Steps to get the goal:

  1. Hire 3 Barbers.
  2. Rent a place. 10m x 4m minimum.
  3. Decorate the place.
  4. Buy 3 sets of high quality barber tools.
  5. Buy furniture needed, including 3 barber chairs and sofa.
  6. Buy a second hand laptop for the cashier.
  7. Design marketing materials.
  8. Online and offline marketing.

When I use the words ‘Effort’ and ‘Result’, the ‘Result’, which is my goal to get $2,000,- monthly net income is beyond my capability to make it happen. But the ‘Effort’ which is the 8 steps to get the goal is within my capability to make it happen.

So, while you are setting your goal, maximize your available ‘Skill’, ‘Knowledge’, and ‘Attitude’ (SKA) you have and write down “Every Step” you can think of To Maximize the Probability to Get Your Goal. Discussing with others around you, who you think can contribute with more ideas would be better. You are adding more ideas from another sets of ‘Skill’, ‘Knowledge’, and ‘Attitude’ from others.

When you have the steps to get the goal, it is your ‘Effort’ which is within your capability to make it happen takes part. It just depends on you are willing to do it or not.

What happen if I don’t get $2,000,- monthly net income?

  • First, I will check whether I have done well in every steps I have written (This is the ‘Effort’ which is within my capability).
  • If I think that I already have done well, I will review and modify the steps I must’ve done.
  • If I have nothing to modify the ‘Effort’ or the steps to get the goal, I will try to discuss it with others who might know better than I do.
  • If there is still nothing to modify, I will do the same ‘Effort’ the best I can on the next month. In short, I will always try to modify the ‘Effort’, which is within my capability to make it happen, to maximize the probability to get expected ‘Result’ which is beyond my capability to make it happen.
  • If after a maximum period of time I have set earlier, I still don’t get the expected ‘Result’, mostly I will shut down the business. I said mostly. Most of the time. Not in all cases. Usually, I will compare the ‘Effort’ and the Benefit first to decide. This part, I am writing about Effort vs Result mindset.

My suggestion is, focus on the ‘Effort’ or the steps to get the goal, which is within your capability to make it happen. Modify the steps using your ‘SKA’ or others’ to increase the probability to get the expected ‘Result’. This is all you can do. Whatever the ‘Result’ is, be grateful, because you have succeeded to do every steps to get the goal. This is the parameter of how much ‘Effort’ you have done to get the expected ‘Result’. Calculate how many percent you have managed to finish the list.

Here is some condition to think of, in a business.

Condition 1.

If in a company, most employees have done their best to work. Their best by mean maximizing their Skill, Knowledge, and Attitude. But the result is not as expected. This is what I think that will happen if you are the leader.

Focus on Result

As you are focusing on the fail result, you don’t appreciate any of their effort. You believe that result is everything. No matter how well you do, a failure means failure. You might sprinkle your disappointment on them and grieve.

The employees will be disappointed and low in morality. They will work with no spirit on them and become lazier to do their best again. What happen to the company then? I am sure lower probability to succeed.

Focus on Effort

Because you focus on their effort, you analyze what have they done. You calculate how many percentage of the steps to succeed that they managed to complete. When you know that they have done their best, although your team is not getting the goal, you appreciate their effort. Saying thank you to them, motivate them so they don’t need to be sad, and ask them to keep their spirit next time. What will happen to the company? Higher probability to succeed and more stable I guess.

Condition 2.

If in a company, most employees are lazy and work haphazardly. When the result is not as expected, This is what I think that will happen, if you are the leader.

Focus on Result

You will share your disapointment on them. Actually, they don’t care much on it. Maybe they will laugh behind you and they will keep working as they like. Your internal company condition is at worst.

Focus on Effort

Calculating how much effort your team has done, you find out that your team don’t do good in the effort which you think that this is the main problem why you fail. You gather all your team in a meeting, say thanx to all of them and explain how doing more effort can increase the probability to succeed to them. It’s a mutual benefit that the employees can learn and installing good habit in their brain for their future, while the company is growing. You set a goal together with them to fight for, and you can ask anyone who have different goal to leave the company. No point for a company to work with someone who has different goal and it’s nothing to learn for the employee if they are willing to go different way.

Now, you start arranging the steps to success together with your team, and committed to work the best they can to succeed finishing the steps. Whatever the result might, you are all still be grateful. I am sure this will make the probability of success much higher.

Remember what I have learned:

~ GOOD RESULT: Succeed to get your goal – It is beyond your capability.
~ GOOD EFFORT: Succeed to do a set of steps to get your goal – It is within your capability.

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