Expense Management Mindset – Part 10: Enjoy Life

Never Think that You are not Enjoying a Life.

Think of it:

– Who will enjoy it?

Who are you saving for? For yourself or someone you love?

– When to enjoy it?

Are you planning to enjoy it sooner but it is less, or later but it is more?

– How to enjoy it?

How do you spend it? What is the quality of life you are imagining using your savings?

Just these three questions. More questions on what, why, and where will make it blurrier. These Three questions can be the relieving reasons ‘not to buy’ something you want when the time has not come yet. At least it works for me. Every time I want to buy something I want, I don’t need it but I really want it, I cancel it by thinking of these questions. Until now when I am writing this for you, I really want to have a sport motorcycle in our garage. I know I won’t ride it much, since we have cars and I don’t know when and where to ride it. But it is something that I want since I was in secondary school and I’ll be very happy just by starring at it. By the time you read it and if you know that there is one sport motorcycle in our garage, means that I manage to create that savings post and buy it.

Someone told me that I can’t take my money when I die. It’s okay for me. Because I can give it to both of you to have a better life. To use it to expand your business or use it for something that can make your asset bigger. By now, I have around 60 employees in total. I believe when I give you more (Higher Knowledge, More Skill, and Better Attitude), you can expand more, and you can give more benefit for more people.

I never think that doing all that earning and savings will make myself not enjoying life. Indeed, I am happy to earn more and save more, thinking that both of you will enjoy what I have earned when you are older. Driving good cars, study in a great university, own houses you wants. Imagining it, will make me happy to earn more and save more, and I never think that I can’t enjoy my life. It is just about who will enjoy it, when to enjoy it, and how to enjoy it.

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