Expense Management Mindset – Part 11: Without Regret

There is No Right or Wrong. Only Consequences.

Now I assume you have understood everything I give to you from point 01 to point 10, which I believe if you run it, you won’t have any major money problem in your life, even though there is no right or wrong in this world. Is it wrong if you don’t run point 01 to point 10? No. There is only consequences. If you are strict on pyramid mindset, you may get your assets bigger and bigger from each generation, but you may not enjoy life as most people do. I assume you know if you do this, you will get this and this consequences. If you do that, you will get that and that consequences.

– Can I use Post One to buy new laptop when my Post One is still not fully filled?- Can I use my excess petrol budget to buy better food on that month, instead of putting it to my Post One account?~ Point 01 to point 10 is the rule to follow and as a guidance. You are the one who run it, you can break any rule without regret because you already know each consequences of your action.

So now, you can choose which way to go clearly, knowing what you will get and what will be the consequences. All these lessons I give to you is only to make your sight clearer in life without regret. Step on your way with confidence.

Can I Be Rich?

My question is, how rich you want to be? It’s better to focus on your progress. How far you can achieve. Set your position now and set how high your target and when to achieve. Set the next target when you are going to achieve each target. Let see how far you can achieve in your life. It doesn’t matter how far, as long as you can be happy and keep going, keep progressing and keep moving forward. Can you be rich? Of course you can. How rich you are going to be? I don’t know, you tell me. Don’t let yourself down or be envious when you see someone richer. A lot of people I know will say, “They are just lucky.” Or, “It’s not his effort – it’s his parents effort.” Or any negative thing that they don’t put much effort to get rich. Let say that the negative thinkers are right that they just very lucky to be rich, my question is, “Are you going to be rich thinking that way? Is it going to change anything better to your life thinking that way?” If not, don’t look someone richer or someone poorer than you to compare it with your effort. Just keep focusing on your next target and be happy with your progress.

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