It’s Okay to Break Some Rules, But Never Ever Break the Goal

Bob beat up his employee because he was stealing something that was actually not really worth beating. Is Bob’s decision on beating up his employee Right? Or Wrong?

I am more than sure lots of us will stand up and shout for sure that it is damn wrong. From every country, every religion, every culture, there is nothing will make excuses on that decision to beat up a person is a right. As a good citizen and a civilized human being, everyone including me will agree that it is a wrong decision.

However, I am asking you both to try to think by focusing on the goal. If the goal is to be a good civilized citizens who live in peace with others till old, it’s damn wrong to beat up his employee for some stupid deeds. What if Bob’s goal is to be a great mafia who is feared by his colleague and his other employees? Hmm.. Get any idea what I mean? It might hardly be right decision if the goal is “that”.

So, is Bob’s decision right or wrong? For me, it depends on his goal. If he wants to be a great mafia, It’s the right decision. If he wants to live peacefully and to be a good citizen, it’s a wrong decision. If he doesn’t have any goals and just impulsively did it, I think he is a psychopath. It’s an extreme example I give, so that both of you will get the idea on what I mean easier. You will face easier cases and it will be easier to make decision if you focus more on the goal. I am sure both of you will never think of a decision that hard ever in your life.

Does it now make you think that there is no right or wrong decision? Remember, the best decision is a decision which give a result or lead you the closest to the goal you have set, with every positive and negative impacts on each decision you take.

Never Break The Goal

Always focus on the goal or what do you wish you want to achieve. It’s okay to break some rules, but NEVER EVER BREAK THE GOAL.

Lots of people I know, break their goals to have an easier life. John wish to have 3 children. John said that 3 children is the best. When they are quarrelling, hope there will always 1 person to intervene. John explains many positive things on having 3 children. However, when I told him about the expense he will spend to raise 3 children, he started to think twice and told me that he will only have 2 children.

See what I mean? Instead of finding solutions to raise 3 children, he changes his goal to have 2 children which he thinks he doesn’t need too much effort.

I wish both of you will never ever break your goals. Set your goals carefully and fight hard to make it happen.

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