Jealousy and Anger

Labyrinth of Life

Dear OMT, 

Yesterday you were angry in the car because ECT’s babysitter showed a train while I stopped on the way home. You were jealous and nagging along the way, saying that she loved ECT more than you. Why did she show ECT the train but not you? If she shows a train to ECT, she must also show it to you. Then I said to you that jealousy and anger inside your brain are two emotions that can destroy you when they are combined together.

I’ve said to you many times that you can’t make people love you. What you can do is finish every step so that they are able to love you. Remember Effort vs. Result that I already told you? People loving you is the result, and it is beyond your capability to make it happen. A set of actions to make them love you is your effort. What you can do is finish the steps and see the result. Whatever the result, be grateful. No more jealousy and anger.

No matter how angry or jealous you are, you won’t make them change their feelings as you like. Instead, knowing that you are angry and jealous usually makes them hate you more. Unless your goal is to make them hate you, just take every step to make them love you and be grateful for whatever the result might be.

With Love, 

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