Life is not a Sprint. It’s a Marathon.

I am sure you have heard the race of rabbit and turtle story many times. Where the turtle who is supposed to be slow, wins the race over a rabbit who is supposed to be much faster, because the rabbit is distracted during the race and stops to do something the he loves more, while the turtle keeps running and focuses on the finish line. When I tell this story to anyone, everybody laughs and make fun of the turtle. What a silly rabbit, and they think that they will never do such thing as the rabbit does. They learn about focus and consistency from this story. What do you think? Do you learn only about the power of focus and consistency from this story? Do you laugh and think that you will never do something silly like the rabbit?

Life is not a Sprint. It’s a Marathon.

I agree that the rabbit and turtle story teaches me about the power of focus and consistency. But there is one more thing for me to learn that I just realized recently that I want both of you to take note:

  • A lot of us are like rabbit.
  • We stop.
  • Distracted to something we like more on the way.
  • Forget the finish line we created. “Or we have not even created the finish line.”
  • Ignore that the time keeps moving and will not turn back.
  • Thinking that life is a quick sprint.

Have you set your finish line?

Have you written down how will your complete condition be when you open the last door of your Labyrinth of Life, which will be your finish line?

What you both need to always do and remember:

  • Keep focusing on the condition you have created, when you open the last door of your Circle Labyrinth.
  • Life is a Marathon which the finish line is the condition when you open the last door in your labyrinth. So, never be distracted to anything on the way. Keep focusing on the finish line. If let say you know that you must go out of line, update your finish line. But always remember to always have a better condition. If not possible, update it to the best you can.
  • Create your short term goals, recheck and make sure that every short term goal will lead to the finish line.
  • Remember that time will not turn back. It keeps moving no matter you stop pursuing your ‘last door condition’, or distracted to something else on the way.
  • Be patient to face every problem completing your short term goals and remember that you must focus on the finish line.

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