Preparation and Opportunity

SUCCESS occurs when Opportunity meets Preparation. Do You Agree?

I learned this beautiful mindset from my mentor when I was active in Multilevel Marketing Business in 2006. This mindset motivates me to learn a lot of things that I need or I am interested in. This mindset makes me believe that anything we do, anything we learn, no matter how useless you may think, it will never be purposeless. It is everything to expand your self capacity as your preparation.

I have heard it many times from actors, actress, and public figures talking about this mindset. “Success is the meeting point of your Opportunity and Preparation”, they said. But, my mentor said that:

  • If the two lines by any chance do not meet, will one ever experience success?
  • So, success is something that you will get once every time your Preparation meet any related Opportunity?
  • So, success is like a ‘thing’ that you will get once every time your Preparation meet any related Opportunity?
  • It’s like that a success is somewhere and sometime there that you can get when your Preparation and Opportunity meet.

My mentor drew a picture and explain what he thought.

He said that success is not a point. It’s an ‘AREA’. The more you build your Preparation and the more Opportunity you get, the larger the area of success you will have.


I assume you have read ‘Self Capacity’ that I have written. If not, read that first please, to have better understanding. Preparation here is your Self Capacity. To increase it, you have to increase your Skill, Knowledge, Attitude, and apply it into Action. The larger your Self Capacity, the larger your Preparation.


Opportunity here is something that beyond your capability to control. It’s the ‘Luck’ in Self Capacity Formula Theory. It can come anytime and anywhere. To increase your Opportunity, you must be proactive.

The meaning of Proactive from

~ intending or intended to produce a good result or avoid a problem, rather than waiting until there is a problem.

The more Proactive you are, the more people you will meet, more things you will see, more news you will listen, therefore your Opportunity increases.

Since Opportunity is something that beyond my capability to control, I don’t gamble by focusing to increase my Preparation area that is within my capability to control.

I read books and watch youtube. Of course selected content that I think can increase my Knowledge (though sometimes I also watch for fun).

I do public speaking a lot to increase my public speaking skill. Keep updating my skills to build websites, video editing, graphic design, tax and accounting, combining Excel formulas, and business management.

I learn modern psychology to make my Attitude more acceptable in many communities.

By applying all I learn into action, I believe my Preparation keep increasing and I am very happy with it, knowing that I grow to the way I want everyday. Not only the size of my Self Capacity, it also the Quality and Stability.

What happen if the Opportunity doesn’t come for a long period of time? We can’t control when Opportunity to come. It’s alright. I keep expanding the Preparation to enlarge the Success area. Once an Opportunity comes, the Success Area becomes much larger in a sudden and I am ready to take the Opportunity with enough Preparation.

As far as I know, even though the Opportunity comes to your life, if you don’t have enough Preparation to take it, it’s either you can’t take it, or fail along the way. Many examples happen around me so far. Lottery winner with no capability to manage the money, lost all of them in less than 7 years. High salary job or high profit business with no experience on that field. A girl comes to my life, but I am to afraid to talk to her because I never learn to speak to a girl and I don’t know how.

The best way is, and it is absolute, always remember to increase your Self Capacity everyday, no matter how small changes you have made, it’s never be useless and you may need and use it one day. Never wait for Opportunity to come. Be proactive.

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