As long as you are working together with human, you have to understand this. At least this is what I believe to be the best way in doing something to a certain goal, which I want you two to understand. Whether it is deciding how the house should be set when you are going on a vacation, or deciding what to do on a million dollar business.

When you are going on vacation for 3 weeks and no one will be in the house, what you should do? Should the electricity be on? What about the cctv? Is the water stop running? Air condition has been set off? How many bed rooms and bath rooms in the house? Set one person who will in charge in every job. Usually most people will just say that the air con must be off, but when the air con is still on, they will blame each other, saying the most common words like, “I thought you are the one who should set it off.” So, it is better to set who will in charge of what. One person in charge for electricity, one for water, and one for every door lock.

When you read, “One person in charge for electricity”, are you thinking what if the person in charge think he should set on the electric water heater, while you are thinking that the water heater should be off? If you want it, tell the person about it. If you don’t, never blame him when you find out the the heater is on when you are back home. If you have told the person, but it is still on, ask the person ‘Why’ and never accuse him anything since it’s done. It can be because he forget, or he had another thought. If you really want to have it off, set it yourself.

In business, it will be more division to take care. Usually, the common divisions for small medium business that must have are: Purchasing, Operational, Finance, Legal, and Marketing. Set one person to be responsible for each division. If only 2 person doing it, one person can take the responsibility of 2 or more divisions.

  1. Discuss and set the long term goal of what the team wants to achieve. Not just gaining a lot of profit. It must be in detail.
  2. Set how to achieve it. What each division should do. In detail.
  3. Let the person in charge to take the final decision. Anyone from another division should give suggestion, but respect the final decision taken by the person in charge for that division.
  4. Whenever there is a problem, which always be happening, you should help to think of the solution even though it seems that it will not affect your division. If you can’t think of any solution, it’s okay to keep quiet.

Mouse Trap Story.

In a barn, there live a happy mouse. One day, the mouse see the farmer set a mouse trap. The mouse worry so much that he tells a chicken that he is afraid, but the chicken doesn’t care that the chicken thinks that, the problem won’t affect her. Same thing with the pig and the cow. When the mouse worriedly asking for help, they don’t care at all since they think that it has no chance to affect them, since the mouse trap won’t hurt them.

On the next day, the mouse trap claps and the farmer’s wife thinks that it has catch the mouse, so she come to see. Instead of the mouse, the trap catches a poisonous snake and bite the farmer’s wife. The wife gets sick and the farmer takes care of her. He cooks chicken soup and gets the chicken from the barn. A few days later, the wife is not getting any better, so their family are coming to visit her. The farmer gets the pig to be prepared for the families. A few days later, the wife has gone. The farmer is very sad and sell the cow meet for the funeral. The chicken, the pig, and the cow are dead now. The mouse still live.

  1. Everyone must work best and responsible for their division.
  2. When problems come from another division, don’t ignore, help to solve it by giving suggestion from every side you can think of and then, let the person in charge decide the best. If you do not agree with the decision, give some more suggestions and reasons why he should not take that decision. If he still persists, maybe he can think of something you can’t. As long as everyone know the goals and the risk, face it together. Success or fail, face it together.

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