The First Frozen Movie

Labyrinth of Life

Dear ECT,

Yesterday, July 15, 2023, you asked me to watch the first Frozen movie, and I accompanied you from the beginning to the end. You were 5 years old, and your sister was 7. You asked me a lot of questions during the movie and asked me to repeat a few scenes, which made you laugh. There are Two points that I know you didn’t understand when I explained them to you.

The first one is: you said that Hans was kind, and why did Anna punch him at the end of the show?

And the second one is that you asked me why Elsa became a kind person at the end of the show, which is because she looked mean in the beginning.

I want you to know that you will meet a lot of people in your life. Some people look mean to you, but actually they are nice, and some people look nice to you, but actually they are mean to you. Some look mean to you, and they are really mean, and some look nice to you, and they are really nice.

When someone is mean to you, it doesn’t mean she is mean to other people too, and when someone is nice to you, it doesn’t mean she is nice to other people too.

So, what should we do then? For me, finding out how they are to me is very hard and beyond my capability to control. So, I don’t care if people are nice or mean to me. As long as there is only a little or no risk to be taken. If it is risky, I will try to find out what I need from them and what they need, and as long as the benefit is greater than the risk, I’ll go.

Always be nice to anyone near you, as it builds your character. But never share your secret with anyone. Secret here means that something bad will happen to you if nobody except you knows it. No matter how nice a person is to you, never share your secret. Remember, when you tell one person your secret, it is no longer a secret because two people know it. When three people know it, everybody knows, and you can’t blame anyone if your secret spreads.

Keep your friendship point good with as many people as you can. You never know what will happen between you and all the people connected. If they are toxic to you, leave them, no matter how hard it is. If you can’t leave because you are connected to something you can’t leave, just find ways to keep your distance, and if you must talk to or meet them, be nice to them.

Always say good things about others. Remember that if you talk badly to someone, that person will think that you can talk badly behind their back. When you have something bad to say about people, keep it to yourself or share it with someone who will surely support you. Your parents or your sister


Love Both of You Always.

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