Why I am Writing All These to Both of You.

Have you heard about Romeo and Juliet story? I guess you have heard it by the time you read this. Long story short, they know each other for three days. Juliet took a potion that could fake her death to avoid marrying someone she didn’t want. When Romeo heard the news, bought a vial of poison and drank it to die. When Juliet woke up, knowing that Romeo had died, she took the poison (or she kissed his lips to get the poison left as well, I don’t know the exact story) and died too. What a romantic love story.

Why is this happening? They were 13 and 16 and they had never known such a wonderful emotion called ‘Love’. They just knew each other for not more than a week, which there was only happiness, joy, and all amazing emotion in their container inside their head called brain, which pushed them to do such thing.

I just wonder what happen if they managed to stay married for five years? I hope Romeo won’t buy the poison to kill Juliet.

Brain – Data Bank

All our decisions taken will always be based on what is inside our brain. When we were born, I assume our brain just filled by minor basic genetics information. Since day one, we started to use all our physical sensors to gather information and kept it in our mind. What we experience: listen, see, feel, taste, and touch will give information. Our Mind keeps all data to help us decide anything. How you are right now is based on all the data gathered from day one. There will be no action taken outside this data. Data keeps coming in which may make you confused and take careless action or also it may create one good strong fundamental to take any action.


What you call intuition which seems to be magical, is from here. There will be no decision or action is done outside the analytical data from your mind. That’s why, it is really important to put the right data inside our mind to get what we want to achieve as our goal of life. There will be data that is useful which can bring you faster towards your goal and there will also data which is useless which dragged you further from your goal. I don’t know how you are right now, when you read this. I just want you to analyze your mind, understand it, counter all the useless data, and keep adding the useful data.

When I eat crab, I got allergy, and get itchy on many parts of my body – and also swollen ears, lips, and eyes most of the time. What I mean, I want to tell you my version, to understand all the allergies you can have, avoid eating them, and start eating food that make you healthier. Not to cure the itch, swollen parts, and all other effects from your allergies.

Back to Romeo and Juliet. In that not more than a week period, when they experienced only wonderful things, they would have only wonderful data inside their mind. The world is like going to be only theirs. They would crush any obstacles which they felt was stopping them to be together. When one die, the other has no more reason to live. But think about it. What if? What if they manage to be married and live together for let say five years? They knew each other deeply, the good and the bad. They will get a lot of problems along the way – all people have, and they were only 13 and 16 which the data inside their mind was still not so much. That’s why I said earlier that I hope Romeo wouldn’t buy the poison to kill Juliet.

Because it is not easy to solve marriage problems together. You will need more than just love. Love is a feeling. Love is an emotion. You can’t control it. How is your mindset? You need a lot of data inside your mind to be better problem solver in any fields in your lifes. This is the main reason I am writing this to you. I will write as much as I can about what I know. When you read this, I hope you are in a greater position in lifes than I am now which you feel that all my writings are only craps. Means, both of you have wiser, better, and more advanced methods and mindsets to conquer all your problems. But if it is not, at least you can have a life which I am living right now.

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